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SafePal S1 Hardware Wallet

SafePal S1 Hardware Wallet

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  • Highlights

100% air-gapped signing mechanism, fully offline cold-storage device

Self-custody starts here

Fully decentralized, with users retaining 100% ownership of their assets


Always secure and protected, wherever you go

•EAL 5+ independent secure element
•True random number generator
•Multiple layers of security sensors
•Anti-tampering self-destruct mechanism

You are good to go anywhere, anytime

•Only the size of a credit card
•Super lightweight and portable
•Manage your crypto 24/7

Works with

  • QR Code Scaning
  • USB-C
  • and camera

What's in the box?

  • 1 X SafePal S1 hardware wallet
  • 1 X User manual
  • 1 X USB charging cable
  • 3 X Mnemonic phrase cards
  • 2 X SafePal stickers
  • 1 X Cleaning cloth
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