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Trezor Safe 3

Trezor Safe 3

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Trezor Safe 3

Your ultimate fortress for safeguarding digital assets. Equipped with cutting-edge features including the Secure Element (EAL6+) and device-entry passphrase, it’s an impenetrable security pair.

Say farewell to crypto concerns. With wallet backup, you’re covered. Opt for the Standard Backup—just a 12-word list for easy access. Need more? Choose Shamir Backup for extra peace of mind with multiple word lists.

And the look? A sleek, stylish, modern design perfectly complements its robust crypto armor.

Meet the next-gen hardware wallet—the future of crypto security awaits with Trezor Safe 3!

Works with

Secure element (EAL6+ certified) and passphrase protection for bullet-proof physical security

Two-button pad device interface, designed for user-friendly operation

Bright OLED display for easy & secure hands-on verification

PIN & passphrase enabled for on-device protection

Fully open-source design for transparent security

Two-factor authentication & FIDO2 Standard

Buy, Sell & Trade digital assets with the Trezor Suite application

What's in the box?

  • Trezor Safe 3 hardware wallet
  • USB-C → USB-C cable
  • 2x Recovery seed card
  • Start-up guide
  • Trezor stickers
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